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Suzuki, particularly the GSX-R are one of the most popular motorcycles on the road. With a fiercely loyal cult-following this motorcycle seems to be omni-present at any popular riders’ ‘pit-stop’! Celebrating 30 years of GSX-R in 2015, we can see that this make and model is here to stay! We are proud to say that Mid Life Cycles is a popular destination for Suzuki riders to have their motorcycles service in Melbourne.

Suzuki started in 1909 as a manufacturer of looms for weaving silk and cotton. Michio Suzuki was intent on making better, more user-friendly looms and, for 30 years his focus was on the development of these exceptionally complex machines. Michio’s desire to diversify into automotive products was interrupted by World War II. Before it began building four-stroke engines, Suzuki Motor Corp. was known for its two-stroke engines. After the war, Suzuki made a two-stroke motorized bicycle, but eventually the motorcycle part of the company would be known for the following names: Hayabusa and GSX-R! Both seem to have an ever growing cult following.


After the war, the need for an affordable  form of transportation in Japan became an opportunity that Suzuki took. Along with Suzuki, a number of firms began offering “clip-on” engines that could be mounted on your average, day to day bicycle. Suzuki’s first bicycle fitted with a motor was called, the “Power Free.” It had a 36cc, one horsepower, 2-stroke engine. The unprecedented double-sprocket gear system enabled the rider to either pedal with engine assist, pedal without engine assist, or simply disconnect the pedals and run on engine power alone. The patent office of the new democratic government granted Suzuki a subsidy to continue research in motorcycle engineering, and thus, the Suzuki Motor Corporation was born.

Here are some common Suzuki motorcycle models in Australia:

Boulevard | RV | RG Series | RM Series | SM | SP Series | TS & TC Series | DR Series | PE Series | DS Series | GSX-R Series | SFV Series | TL Series | GN Series | GS Series | GT Series | Hyabusa | Across | V-Strom | Burgman | Boulevard and many, many more

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