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Your Motorcycle tyres, is the very last connection between your bike and the road – that in itself explains how critical the Quality, Durability, Condition, Pressure and Performance of your tyres are.

Our Motorcycle Tyres Melbourne workshop fits any brand on any bike – Mototecnic prefers and stocks what we consider to be one of the best; Pirelli.  From our own experience, whether on the road with the road specs and the racetrack with the performance compounds, we have found Pirelli to be the most confidence-instilling tyres available… So why compromise? …ask how Mototecnic can best assist you regarding tyres – we can:

  • Replace Your Tyres to Suit your Riding Style and Frequency

  • Repair Your Tyres and Balance Your Rims

  • Replace your Wheels with Lighter / Better / or Different Style Rims

  • Powdercoat Your Rims to Any Colours that You Want and

  • We Also Have a Wide Range of Rim-Tapes to Suit Any Bike or Any Look

Whilst we are on the subject of what makes the wheels go round, Mototecnic also stocks the best brands of Chains, Sprockets and Lubricants to suit any bike.
Mototecnic can assit you with gear-ratio set ups to suit (1) better take-off, (2) or longer top-end, (3) or stunt-riding gearing and anything in between!

Make an appointment by contacting our Workshop Manager.



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