Bimota was founded in 1973 in Rimini, Italy. The name comes from the “Bi” in Valerio Bianchi; the “Mo” in Giuseppe Morri; and the “Ta” from Massimo Tamburini. To understand the rich heritage of this ‘small’ Italian manufacturer is what makes this amazing brand all the more special.

Valerio Bianchi
Valerio, Giuseppe and Massimo started together in the 1970s as partners for a company that made Industrial Air-Conditioning components – and according to some other articles, thermo-technical systems.

Giusseppe Morri
According to most archives, it was Giusseppe who came up with the concept of using the first two letters of their names to form “BiMoTa”. When Massimo Tamburini crashed his Honda 750 at a leisurely track-day, the re-build of the chassis and bodywork was what started the metamorphosis of the industrial components business into Italian exotic bikes!

Massimo Tamburini
For enthusiasts of Italian Motorcycles, the name needs no introduction; for the new up and coming Italian bike enthusiasts, Massimo is best known as: “the MichelAngelo of Motorcycling”… a master-designer with a flair well ahead of his time, his revolutionary designs for Ducati and MV Agusta became instant revelations and now classics. There is a lot that can be said about Massimo, but for those who want to know more, simply Google his name…

BIMOTA – these are the most well-known BiMoTa models:

V Due | BB1 | BB2 | BB3 | 666E | DB1 | DB2 | DB3 | DB4 | DB5 | DB6 | DB7 | DB8 | Tesi

All models in the BiMoTa range are serviced right here in Melbourne – contact us.


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